Frequently Asked Questions
Q.What is the corporate address for Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group?
A.Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.
5330 E. 31st Street
P.O. Box 35985
Tulsa, OK 74135-0985
(918)669-2119 7700

Q.When did Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group become a public company? At what price?
A.The company's initial public offering (IPO) was completed December 23, 1997, and the shares of common stock were sold at $20.50.

Q.How is the company stock listed?
A.You can find Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group's common stock listed on The New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DTG.

Q.Who is the transfer agent?
A.Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 43070
Providence, RI 02940-3070
(800) 962-4284

Q.How do I transfer my stock or change my address on my account?
A.You must contact the transfer agent as listed above.

Q.Can I buy stock directly from the company?
A.The company does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. You can purchase shares in Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (NYSE:DTG) through a broker.

Q.Does the company pay a dividend?
A.No, DTG uses its available funding to strategically grow the company and improve services to our customers, efforts which we believe will enhance stockholder value.

Q.When does DTG's fiscal year end?
A.DTG's fiscal year ends December 31.

Q.How can I receive an annual report or an information packet?
A.There are several ways. You can download the most recent annual report on the home page of this site. You can visit the Investor Information area and complete the information request form, or contact investor relations at (918) 669-2236.

Q.How can I get more information about the performance of DTG stock?
A.To get more information about stock performance, go to the Investor Information area of our site that includes stock performance charts.

Q.When is the next conference call?
A.For a list of upcoming events, visit the calendar page of the Investor Information area.

Q.How can I apply for employment with Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group?
A.You may visit the career area of this Web site.

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